Breaking the waves sex

Pick up the lingo here and be able to blend in with surfers everywhere. Thanks to everyone who’s commented and emailed us with the latest slang. We’re including new ones all the time so please keep them coming! New School The term given to trick surfing — airs, shove-its, etc. Noodle Arms Being exhausted or having tired arms. Ocean Same thing as a sea, only bigger.

It makes for ideal surfing conditions. Onshore This is when the wind is blowing towards the land, spoiling the waves. Outside The area beyond the line-up. You’ll sometimes hear surfers shout “Outside! Over the Falls A wipeout where a surfer wipes out and either free-falls down the face of the wave or gets sucked up, over and back down by the circular breaking motion of the wave. Overhead Waves that are bigger that a surfer when standing up. Paddlepuss Someone who stays and plays in the whitewater close to the beach.