Bright red blood in urine after sex

Within a day or two of antibiotic treatment, symptoms usually resolve. The prognosis for a kidney stone is good, as it is not a chronic condition. Once the stone has passed, the pain will go away. However, if you have had a kidney stone, you have about a 1 in 2 chance of getting another one in five to seven years. This can be prevented by: 1. Course of antibiotics for 7-14 days, but symptoms should begin to improve after 48 hours.

This is a chronic condition but can be well controlled with medication. 2 week treatment, may be 4-6 weeks depending on severity of infection. Your outcome is dependent on the extent of the disease. Variable but generally very good outlook, especially compared with other cancers. Sometimes rhabdomyolysis may result from medications – most commonly medications to treat elevated cholesterol such as statins. Severity can range from mild to life threatening kidney disease from muscle enzymes entering the circulation.

Most patients recover in a few days but occasionally will need prolonged hospital care if the kidneys are injured. Have you been feeling more tired than usual, lethargic or fatigued despite sleeping a normal amount? Do you feel pain when you urinate? Any fever today or during the last week? Having blood in urine often means that there is another medical condition that needs treatment. Blood may appear bright red or a rusty brown or black.

Uncommon Causes of Blood in Urine People with kidney stones will often pass bloody urine. Although kidney stones are often painful, sometimes they are not. The minute stone blocks a kidney tube which causes the tissue in the tube to bleed. Kidney stones sometimes pass by themselves but often need medical intervention or they become larger and more painful. Cancer in the kidneys, bladder, prostate or rectum can also cause bloody urine, sometimes without pain. How long have you been passing bloody urine?

Have you started a new medication? Does the urine smell particularly strong or bizarre? Discussions By Condition: I cannot get a diagnosis. Posted In: I cannot get a diagnosis. Everytime I ejaculate, I have a bloody clot in my urine and a full bladder of blood. I pea once and it is all gone.

Sometimes blood in the ejaculation too, sometimes not. No pain on the ejaculation, but anxiety and worry when releasing that clot for fear of a clog. The same thing is happening with my boyfriend right now. Please post back if you hear anything. We are waiting to see a urologist. Anyone hear anything back on this? MY BF had the same thing on and off for a few years.