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The exercise of Chilean sovereignty over the Chilean Antarctic Territory is put into effect in all aspects that are not limited by the signing of the Antarctic Treaty of 1959. Chile currently has 13 active Antarctic bases: 4 permanent 5 seasonal and 4 shelters. New León or Magellanic Lands for Simón de Alcazaba y Sotomayor, which was subsequently extended to the Strait of Magellan. In 1539, a new governorate was formed south of New León called Terra Australis to Pedro Sanchez de la Hoz. Later, in 1558, the Royal Decree of Brussels prompted the Chilean colonial government to take ownership in our name from the lands and provinces that fall in the demarcation of the Spanish crown in referring to the land across the Strait, because at that time it was thought that Tierra del Fuego was an integral part of the Terra Australis.

There are also stories and maps, both Chilean and European, indicating the membership of the Terra Australis Antarctica as part of the Captaincy General of Chile. Admiral don Gabriel of Castile with three ships along the coasts of Chile towards Valparaiso, and from there to the strait. In march of 1603 he reached 64 degrees and they had a lot of snow there. S there are “very high and mountainous, snow cover, like the country of Norway, all white, land It seemed to extend to the Solomon Islands.

This confirms a previous sighting of the lands would be the South Shetland Islands. Other historians attribute the first sighting of Antarctic land to the Dutch marine Dirk Gerritsz, who would have found the islands now known as South Shetland. At this time, there was already knowledge of the existence of a white continent in south of the Drake Passage, separated from the Tierra del Fuego. After the independence of the colonies in the Americas, the new republics recognized the principle of uti possidetis– that is, new states would have as limits those inherited from the Spanish colonies from which they originated. S on board Argentine vessels Hércules and Trinidad. The ship Espíritu Santo was followed by the American brig Hercilia to Deception Island. The fact that these Argentine sealers were directed to the islands with fixed course is usually regarded as proof that it was previously known.