Christmas tree with sex toys on it

Title:  CLINTON’S FATAL LEADERSHIP — PART 6a — PROOF POSITIVE THAT HILLARY CLINTON IS A POWERFUL PRACTICING WITCH! Agent Aldrich observed much in the course of the nearly 3 years he spent at the Clinton White House that led him to a sobering conclusion:  ” the Clinton Administration was a corrupt disaster, beyond redemption or repair”. However, Aldrich unwittingly gave us information, based upon his personal observances of behavior by Bill and Hillary Clinton that absolutely identifies them as the powerful, practicing Illuminist witches we have always said they were. Of course, since Aldrich was not trained in Black Magick Occult, he did not realize that these observations were so damning. In Christmas, 1993, and again in 1994, the First Lady directed the decoration of the Christmas Tree in the Blue Room, in accordance with a long-standing White House tradition. Aldrich noted that this Tradition had become so pronounced that the tree which the First Lady set up became a reflection of who she was.

We want to allow Aldrich the opportunity to speak for himself. Therefore, Aldrich was terribly shocked when he participated in the unpacking of the ornaments which were to go on the First Lady’s Christmas tree. Fertility god, made of carved dark wood, and put together so they look like stick figures. The male Fertility god is in authority during this time of the year.