Ecstaty and sex

The prospect of such an experience is especially enticing to young people, and substance use is often closely associated with clubs, concerts, parties, and other venues frequented by adolescents and ecstaty and sex adults. Users may experience spikes in energy levels, increased mood and happiness, and the desire to be social and interact closely with the people around them. It is in this respect that sex becomes a notable element of ecstasy use. Given its ability to enhance the senses, ecstasy can alter the sexual experience.

12 It is most often taken orally in pill form, yet intravenous administration has been reported in some cases. Ecstasy belongs to a group of psychoactive drugs known as entactogens, whose effects on serotonin levels cause an increase in prosocial behavior and interpersonal interaction. 1 Specifically, ecstasy increases the activity of neurotransmitters like serotonin, dopamine, and norepinephrine in the user’s brain, causing the drug’s characteristic increases in mood. 10 In fact, studies show that MDMA users possess significantly elevated impulsivity levels during use.

8  Serotonin’s relationship to mood and sleep is also influenced by ecstasy, as increased levels cause spikes in mood and energy levels for the duration of the high. Risks Associated with Ecstasy Although a sought-after form of psychological freedom, ecstasy is still an illegal substance that can be dangerous and even fatal. Ecstasy has also been found to have slightly distinctive effects on men and women respectively. Statistics show that, overall, there are more ecstasy-related male deaths than female deaths. Women who take ecstasy are more likely to experience hyponatremia, which is marked by low blood sodium levels caused by excess water intake. 1 Pills may be ingested in combination with alcohol or other drugs, or may have been combined with separate substances prior to purchase by the user. Ecstasy users report experiencing an altered state of consciousness that changes the way they think and feel while under the influence.