Fishy smell during sex

Do you know that seafood fishy smell during sex a variety of types of sea fish, shrimp, clam, snails, etc. Actually, they are an essential food source for us with good taste and high nutritional value.

Similarly, freshwater fish does the same wonders. With high nutritional value, seafood and freshwater fish both contribute to a good health if we add them to our diet properly. Fishy smell actually has a negative effect on the foods’ taste. Therefore, if you love eating seafood or freshwater fish and you want to cook them, you may want to know how to get rid of fishy smell before cooking yet affect the taste of these foods.

In this article, you can see some of the natural tips to help you remove the fishy smell naturally and effectively. Mixture Of Dusts In Corn Starch, Salt, And Powdered Turmeric This is the first one of the tips on how to get rid of fishy smell in fish before cooking that I want to reveal in this entire article and want you and my other readers, especially those love cooking these foods at home to know and try to apply this home remedy for good. Actually, this is an old trick to help you remove the fishy smell from freshwater fish and seafood naturally and effectively. You just need to mix all of the ingredients, including dust in corn starch, salt, and powdered turmeric and then use this mixture to dust lightly on the freshwater fish and seafood.

Try to wait for half an hour or even more. And then, you can decide whether to rinse it off with clean water before cooking them or not. Read on What Are The Health Benefits Of Turmeric For Humans? Milk The first out of the ways on how to get rid of fishy smell before cooking that you should not look down is to use milk. Actually, using milk to get rid of fishy smell is very easy to apply.