How male sex works

This page has been archived and is no how male sex works updated. Find out more about page archiving. Alternatively visit the alternative content provided here. Some researchers say that men can have ‘women’s brains’ and that women can think more like men.

Get a brain sex profile and find out if you think like a man or a woman. See if you can gaze into someone’s eyes and know what they’re thinking. Find out why scientists are interested in the length of your fingers. See how your results relate to theories about brain sex. Why Hot Rod For Men Is So Powerful! Imagine this You’re laying on the couch watching your favorite TV program. You casually pop 1 Hot Rod pill and ‘chase’ it down with some lukewarm water.

Your eyes continue to be glued to the screen. It’s almost as if you can start to feel a raging ‘hyper speed’ rush of blood engorging your penis, making it swell with excitement. Yeah, it’s fast, and it’s furious. You are totally amazedyour dick hasn’t felt this ‘alive’ since puberty, and within seconds, you realize you have a solid, rock hard boner. You can totally ‘feel it’ in your veins. You’re on the brink of a MAJOR explosion and nothing can contain it anymore! All you need right now to complete this magical experience is a woman.

I’m gonna reveal the most important and exciting breakthroughs in male sexual health. News of this breakthrough is spreading like wildfire among men in every age group. In fact, this breakthrough is so radical, it has astonished the doctors and sex experts who discovered it! Ever heard of this Chinese Medicinal Classic called “Ben Cao Gang Mu” written by the famed ‘granddaddy of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, Li Shi Zhen? Well, in it, Uncle Li reveals what he considers to be the herb of the highest order used by only Emperors and Noblemen as clearly stated in Imperial Records. It’ll blow your mindit’s an ANT!

Of course, not every ant qualify. The specific ant mentioned is the Polyrachis Vicinia. Ginseng may be the King of Herbs, but ANT is the Herb of Kings! I know sounds like a whole load of B. Don’t be too quick to dismiss it just because you only believe in Western Science though. You don’t need me to tell you this, but the Chinese have identified stuff like “Meridian points” and you know acupuncture has only been proven to be ‘real’ recently.