How to deal with no sex after childbirth

Intimacy After Childbirth Most medical physicians advise that couples wait four to six weeks before resuming coitus, depending on various situations. 1 This allows time for the cervix to fully close and any tears or lacerations to heal. 2 Give your body ample time to heal, and to cease the discharge of leftover blood and uterine tissue has ceased. The mutual physical and emotional readiness of both partners is the most important factor in determining when sexual activity is appropriate post-birth is you and your partner’s reciprocal physical and emotional readiness. Recovery time varies among females, and despite the doctor’s medical clearance, penetration may still be uncomfortable and painful. When beginning to resume sexual activity, be sure to move slowly and gently to avoid pain.

If penetrative sexual activities are too painful, it may be helpful to begin with other activities such as manual stimulation and oral sex may be a better place to begin. Additionally, you can consider taking baths together or massaging each other. Common Worries and Concerns Both men and women may have worries that affect sex after childbirth. Some common fears include becoming pregnant again, feeling less attractive, and inflicting or experiencing pain. Many new parents feel fatigued and exhausted from taking care of their baby, and may not want to have sex.

Many females worry about their vaginal elasticity. While the vagina does stretch after childbirth, it will start to regain muscle tone within a week or so of delivery. While the vagina will shrink, it may or may not return to its pre-birth state. One very common concern that could affect one’s sex life is the possibility of another pregnancy. Discuss with your partner and your doctor about proper forms of birth control after giving birth.

Some females worry that their bodies are no longer attractive after giving birth, which can hinder efforts to be intimate. Reassurance and support from a partner can help new mothers feel more comfortable with their bodies. These are only a few of the many concerns partners may have. The best way to deal with these worries is to communicate between partners any feelings and discomforts. This will improve not only one’s sex life but will also uncover any newly discovered anxieties related to life changes. Benefits of Sex After Childbirth Hormones like oxytocin and endorphins are released during sex which have been shown to reduce pain and activate feelings of love. 2 As long as both partners are physically and emotionally ready, it is highly encouraged to have sex after childbirth.