Hpv oral sex throat cancer symptoms

Test Your Knowledge Take the HPV Myths vs. Many ob-gyns don’t tell their patients that they have HPV because they don’t want to scare them. But women are hpv oral sex throat cancer symptoms and they want information. It all comes down to education.

Maybe if more women knew about the connection between HPV and cervical cancer, it would make them take more responsibility for their health. How do you get “genital HPV”? Can you get HPV through oral sex? Are lesbians at risk of getting HPV? How do you know if you have HPV?

If you find out you have HPV, is there reason to feel guilty, or to blame your partner? If you have HPV, how likely is it that you will get cervical cancer? Can HPV cause any other kinds of cancer besides cervical cancer? What can you do to protect yourself from HPV and its effects?