Is underage sex legal in other countrys

This map shows legal status of child pornography. Are there existing laws is underage sex legal in other countrys child pornography?

Does existing law include a legal definition of child pornography? Is the possession of child pornography a crime? Is the distribution of child pornography via computer and the Internet a crime? Countries in which there is a general ban on pornography, regardless of whether the individuals being depicted are adults or children, are not considered to have “legislation specific to child pornography,” unless there is a sentencing enhancement provided for offenses committed against a child victim. Simple possession, refers to possession regardless of the intent to distribute. In cases where other language is used in national legislation, an explanatory footnote is provided.

While there is no mandatory reporting requirement specific to ISPs, ISPs in Canada collaborate with law enforcement and work closely to facilitate the reporting of offending material. Canadian criminal law employs a very broad definition of “child pornography,” which gives its comprehensive set of offenses additional scope. While China does not have any specific child pornography legislation, there is a general prohibition on obscene and pornographic materials in the Criminal Code. While there is no explicit obligation for an ISP to report to law enforcement or another mandated agency, in most cases ISPs will file reports with law enforcement.