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The first time Nneka was male sex workers in lagos, she got bruised in the hips by her only grandson. That fateful night, Nonso offered to apply sheabutter on his grandma’s ankles and wrists like he usually did since she developed joint pains. As she recounted her experience, Nneka’s eyes glistened with tears she would not shed.

Fighting back tears, she reached for a fresh orange in a bowl on a stool by her bedside and sucked on it with conquering immersion, all the piteous miseries of her life seemingly summoned in her toothless mouth. Soon she lifted her mouth off the orange to emit a yawn, her mouth straining wide open like she meant to vomit in one breath, the agony interred in her buried narratives. That was only the first time. Nonso visited my room thrice afterwards.

The fourth time he did it, Jecintha, his mother, and sister were awake in the living room. I was sore all over and I hurt in my private part but he didn’t care. So, tell me, how did I do wrong by accepting him? The fourth time he raped me, I told him to be gentle but he wasn’t. When my entreaties failed, I begged him to use the sheabutter. In his haste, he used the one that had been mixed with a very searing mentholated balm. This caused my private part to bruise and by the time he finished, I was smarting from within and outside my genitals.

When he finished, he cleaned my vagina with a wet cloth. The situation persisted until Chiamaka, Nneka’s second daughter and Nonso’s aunt came visiting. Chiamaka, who had been shuttling between Lagos and their family house in Enugu in preparation for her marriage discovered blood and pus stains on two of her mother’s wrappers and the genital area of her pants. But mama stopped using local sponge a long while ago. At that point, she suspected that something foul was going on. She did not want to believe the suspicions coursing through her mind hence she invited their family doctor, a distant cousin who pleaded anonymity.

To their chagrin, the results showed that their frail 85-year-old mother had suffered severe vaginal scarring and bacterial infection in her genital area. Hell broke loose and Nonso fled from their Enugu abode. Due to my persistence, I was able to force the truth out of her. My poor, old mother cried uncontrollably like a baby as she recounted her ordeal in the hands of Nonso. That boy had been defiling my dear mother, his grandmother at will.

She was terribly bruised but he continued raping her until her genitals started emitting pus and a foul odour. Chiamaka subsequently relocated their mother to live with her and her fiancé at her residence in Ogba-Aguda, Lagos. The Nation visited two of his friends he reportedly squat with whenever he visits Lagos, the duo claimed they did not know of his whereabouts. I have to see Nonso and hear his side to the story. The jury is surely out on Jecintha’s take on the ugly incident, while her argument in defence of her son seems tenable to her, not a few relatives and family friends have frowned at her insistence on her child’s innocence. Living in denial oftentimes leads to grievous consequences.

According to her, elderly victims of sexual abuse or rape become even more vulnerable to further abuse and even death if their families or care-givers fail to support them with the necessary aid and protection. Take the case of Rebecca a. 91-year-old widow who lived with her widowed daughter and her live-in lover in Atan, an Ogun State border town. According to Adenike, 23, her grandma got disabled by rheumatoid arthritis few months before she clocked 91.

She was also cognitively impaired and deaf. Earlier, she was taken to a nursing home but when the bills became too much, mother had to withdraw her and bring her home. The 23-year-old revealed that on one such visit, her grandma tacitly told her things that led her to suspect that she was been sexually abused. We had only one male in the house and that was my mother’s toy-boy. I confronted my mom over mama’s claims but she slapped me and told me I was an evil child. Adenike later admitted that at some point, she also became confused over the veracity of her grandma’s claims and that was because she had lost her sight and her memory seemed too far gone.

But when suddenly she received a call that her grandma was seriously ill, Adenike rushed home to meet her lifeless body. She died before I got home and the neighbour who bathed her told me that she found what seemed like fresh male semen on her thighs and genitals. In another incident, Mabel, 78, lived with her youngest son, Vitus, in relative peace in their Umuahia, Abia State residence until the 36-year-old college dropout decided to turn her into a sex toy. Vitus, unskilled and jobless, was forced to live with his mother by necessity and Mabel had no choice but to give him shelter even though many of his childhood friends had moved from home to seek a livelihood and start their own families. I walked in on him doing it in the living room.