Sex and gender discrimination cases

An open letter signed by over 100 activists responds to the controversy surrounding the 800m women’s world running champion and the flurry of articles surrounding the saga. We write in response to the controversy sex and gender discrimination cases the 800 m women’s world running champion, Caster Semenya and the flurry of articles surrounding this sad saga. Firstly to address the issue of terminology, over which there seems to be confusion.

Secondly, to tackle the science issue, as this tends to obscure the real issue of gender stereotyping and discrimination so evident in this case. He states that the issue that needs to be clarified here is whether the person concerned is a man masquerading as a woman or not. As for the rest, he says there is great variation. All other possible tests including chromosome testing are indeterminate and should be left well alone.

The calls for more to be done in dealing with this issue and await judgment are therefore erroneous and cloud the issue in a shroud of inappropriate so-called scientific enquiry. The third issue relates to what lies at the heart of the matter, social norms. It is these ideas and actions that promote gender discrimination. Caster should not be having to deal with a world controversy over her win. She should be unreservedly basking in the glory of her and our incredible victory.