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Follow the link for more information. Sex is a coffee table book sex and the city wikipedia book by American singer Madonna, with photographs taken by Steven Meisel Studio and film frames shot by Fabien Baron. The book had a range of influences, from punk rock to earlier fashion iconoclasts such as Guy Bourdin, Helmut Newton and Robert Mapplethorpe. The packaging for the book is made of aluminium, which was Madonna’s idea, and is spiral bound and enclosed in a Mylar sheet.

Due to the scandalous nature of the photographs and the media mayhem surrounding it from the initial preview of the book, Madonna did not have to promote Sex, except for a pre-release party and some television specials. Her publishers were extremely apprehensive about the release as well as its commercial potential. The book was an instant commercial success, managing to sell over 150,000 copies on its first day of release and topping the New York Times Best Seller list. It was received negatively by both critics and fans of the singer, who felt she had “gone too far. According to Giselle Benatar of Entertainment Weekly, there are two versions of how Madonna came up with the idea for the book. One was that she conceived the idea of an erotic photography book during the shooting of the film A League of Their Own in the summer of 1991. Some of the pictures for the project were shot at Hotel Chelsea, New York.

The Sex book had a range of influences—from punk rock to earlier fashion iconoclasts like Guy Bourdin and his surrealism, and Helmut Newton, in its stylized, sado-masochistic look. The pictures were taken almost entirely in Super 8 format, and most of the photo shoots took place in New York City and Miami. The picture shows the leather string worn by Madonna in the Sex book, as well as in the “Erotica” music video. Below the string, an image from the book can also be seen. The book opens up with the introduction: “Everything you are about to see and read is a fantasy, a dream, pretend”. Throughout Sex, Madonna offers poems, stories, and essays.

The initial preview of the book was met with a huge amount of controversy, as it showed a nude Madonna wearing a rabbit’s tail, shaving the pubic hair of a naked man, and cavorting outdoors with a dog, suggesting bestiality. Both appeared in explicit images alongside Madonna. Madonna then said she was “doing this to liberate America — free us all of our hang-ups”. She told Spin magazine “We live in a very repressed society, and I deal with erotic themes. The point I try to make is: Why should we feel ashamed of our sexuality? On October 15, Madonna threw a pre-release party at New York City’s Industria Superstudio, and signed all the invitations under her Sex alter ego “Dita”. Madonna did, was appearing on the cover of the October edition of Vogue, where she appeared dressed in “Hippie trip” fashion.

These photographs were taken by Meisel. I don’t think sex is bad. I don’t think nudity is bad. I don’t think that being in touch with your sexuality and being able to talk about it is bad. I think the problem is that everybody’s so uptight about it and have turned it into something bad when it isn’t. Madonna discussing the backlash surrounding the book.