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Open the home page, and then look for links to the information you want. If you still cannot find the page you are seeking you may want to try the Wayback Machine at the Internet Archive Project. Hindus form the majority of the population in India, Nepal and Mauritius. Significant Hindu communities are also found in other countries.

The life of the hermit, preparing for death and union with God. In homes where Hinduism is practiced there is generally a room or corner of a room for worship called puja where there arepictures of a statue of a particular God. Hinduism recognizes thousands of lessor Gods that all come under the umbrella of the one God Brahman. Hinduism also recognizes the devine avatars, God-realized beings living on Earth. Rama lived over twenty thousand years ago.

The name ‘Rama’ looks like Ra the Egyptian God. General Nature and Characteristic Features The spectrum that ranges from the level of popular Hindu belief to that of elaborate ritual technique and philosophical speculation is very broad and is attended by many stages of transition and varieties of coexistence. Common Characteristics of Hindu Belief Nevertheless, it is possible to discern among the myriad forms of Hinduism severalcommon characteristics of belief and practice. Authority of the Veda and the Brahman Class Perhaps the defining characteristic of Hindu belief is the recognition of the Veda,the most ancient body of religious literature, as an absolute authority revealingfundamental and unassailable truth. At the same time, however, its content haslong been practically unknown to most Hindus, and it is seldom drawn upon forliteral information or advice. Doctrine of Atman-brahman Hindus believe in an uncreated, eternal, infinite, transcendent, and all-embracingprinciple, which, “comprising in itself being and non-being,” is the sole reality, theultimate cause and foundation, source, and goal of all existence.