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They were worthless pieces of s–t, but I killed them, and you’re not supposed to kill people. I guess maybe in the end, it was a lot better than what I deserved. But it takes a long time to work that out. In the meantime, you just want to get even. The scene in a seedy hotel room was spell-binding – as Frank awoke and became more and more enraged, he-she realized in a mirror reflection that she had female breasts and genitalia as she tore off her bandages.

It’s hard to go back to bein’ Frank Kitchen when you look like a chick. I had to tape my swollen tits. I had to sit down to take a piss. And the god-damn hormones were making me soft.

If there was anything left of Frank Kitchen, it was his point-blank aim, and I couldn’t wait to use it. This was the way it was gonna be. I was gonna be a chick except for in my head, so get used to it. One’s a beauty and one’s an I-don’t-know what. I’m still tryin’ to figure you out, and I don’t get it. But, you know, look at the bright side. The cops are never gonna come looking for you being a guy, so maybe being a girl’s the best way to stay out of prison.

Get a fake passport, papers, go to Mexico or Costa Rica or Brazil, some place where people hide out, you know? I’m sure you know somebody who can get you a fake ID. I decided I wouldn’t and couldn’t do something simply for revenge, so I also performed the surgery partially as an experiment. I wanted to reinforce the theory that, if gender is identity, then even the most extreme surgical procedure will fail to alter the essence, and this proved to be true. Frank Kitchen is still very much the man he was because he believes himself to be the man he was. So you see, my experiment was a success and a failure.

When ‘Frank’ discovered that Johnnie had been hired by Dr. Kay to look after her, he was tempted to put a bullet through her head, but then changed his mind, and sent her away forever: “The safe thing to do is to kill you. I didn’t kill her, but it was goodbye Johnnie. I gave her some dough and I put her on a bus to Reno the next morning. I told her to give me three weeks.

Frank’ also pursued after the doctor, killed her four associates and bodyguards, and severely wounded the doctor. It was revealed that ‘Frank’ had severed the doctor’s fingers with a scalpel after wounding her, so that she could never practice again. I used to be a guy. Now I look at the cards I got dealt in a different way. R-rated, feminist chick-flick comedy, with the tagline: “Party Like a Mother. Carla: “We’re killing ourselves trying to be perfect, and it’s making us insane. Kiki: “In this day and age, it’s impossible to be a good mom.