Songs about having amazing sex

First heard this song on Guitar Hero a few years ago but since then I’ve bought almost all their albums up to date and I still continue to listen to this song today. The inner pain of this could be applied to just any situation. War, funereal, breakup, murder, you name it. The melodic sitar going on, as well as the songs about having amazing sex rhythm guitar of this song is just supernatural.

This song is incredible for the dark atmospheric almost voodo like hypnotism it induces in the listener, but it also has a profoundly human element in the longing to find peace in the midst of the desperation and its slow buildup to climax in Keith’s searing solo, which burns big with rich blues-based chordal melody that launches the idiom into another fiercer dimension, but still weeps with great beauty as he accents certain notes with sustained and tremelo. It’s simple, with a lyrical content that most simple minds will never grasp. Yes it has a very catchy tune and Jagger’s delivery is spot on, but the lyrics. The depth of what the song is saying is tremendous.

The song takes us through history, through all the bad things that have happened and blames the devil. Towards the end, we see, the devil is none other than us! So have some sympathy for him! I just like it so much with all of its depth and menacing lyrics. This song has one of the best if not the best hook in rock history. I’m making a list of the greatest songs of all time, and I’m making this number 2! This song has a genius opening and main riff and awesome lyrics!