South african police caught in a sex scandals

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All persons depicted herein were at least 18 years old at the moment of the footage. Jump to navigation Jump to search For sex crimes, see List of American federal politicians convicted of crimes. Many sex scandals in American history have involved incumbent United States federal elected politicians, as well as persons appointed with the consent of the U. There is some emphasis on sex scandals since the mid-1970s, because before then the media was less inclined to cover these matters. Additionally, outing people because of perceptions that their political positions are anti-gay has become increasingly common since 1989. For these listed people, either the scandal, or the behavior which gave rise to it, occurred while they were occupying their high federal offices, and one or the other date may be used here, even if coverage of the scandal was entirely posthumous. This is a dynamic list and may never be able to satisfy particular standards for completeness.

One of the definitions of sex is “physical activity in which people touch each other’s bodies, kiss each other, etc. Thus, instances or accusations of sexism or homophobia that do not include or seek that sort of physical activity are not covered by this list. Scandal is defined as “loss of or damage to reputation caused by actual or apparent violation of morality or propriety”. Scandal is not the same as controversy, which implies two differing points of view, and is also not the same as unpopularity. Misunderstandings, breaches of ethics, or cover-ups may or may not result in scandals depending on the amount of publicity generated, and the seriousness of the alleged behavior. Florida, and later President of the United States, had married Rachel Donelson Jackson in 1791. Julia Chinn, which caused his own party to distance themselves from him and contributed to his failed Senate re-election bid in 1828.

Though they were prohibited from marrying, Johnson treated her as his common-law wife, and they had children. Secretary of War, allegedly had an affair with Margaret O’Neill Timberlake, the wife of John B. Representative and later Senator, engaged in a homosexual relationship with a college friend, pursued what he called “a little dalliance” with his teenage nieces, and had sexual relationships with female slaves including a girl aged 12. During the 1884 presidential race, the news broke that Cleveland had paid child support to the widowed Maria Crofts Halpin for her son Oscar Folsom Cleveland, born in 1874. Former mistress Madeleine Pollard sued Breckinridge for breach of promise after his wife died and he failed to marry Pollard as promised.

Mary Allen Hulbert, whom he met in 1907 when he was president of Princeton University. Carrie Phillips and Nan Britton during the 1910s and early 1920s prior to his death in 1923. Nazi spies in Brooklyn in 1942. Hunt resigned from the senate, thus giving Republicans the majority. Supreme Court Justice, allegedly pursued other women while married to his third wife, which, combined with his three divorces and remarriages, was considered scandalous. He also reportedly tried to molest a flight attendant in his judicial chambers. He was re-elected anyway, but resigned after giving an intoxicated press conference from Foxe’s burlesque house dressing room.

A former female staffer said she received a pay raise after giving in to Young’s sexual advances. The Elizabeth Ray sex scandal ended his career in 1976. The Washington Post reported that Ray had been on the payroll of a committee run by Hays for two years as a clerk-secretary. During that time, she admitted, her actual job duties were providing Congressman Hays sexual favors: “I can’t type, I can’t file, I can’t even answer the phone. Charges that he solicited sex from a 16-year-old boy were dropped after he submitted to counseling.